May 31, 2017

Release Details

1.  Sending Enhancements: BCC

You can send a blind copy of a package using the BCC field. Blind-copy recipients see all standard recipients of the package and the entire message, and receive all attachments. Standard users cannot see that the blind-copy recipients are included. When blind-copy recipients download the attachments, Files increments the download count in the package summary panel only for the sender and for the blind-copy recipient; standard recipients do not see the download counter increment for blind-copy downloads. This new capability applies when sending to both internal and to outside recipients.

2.  Developer Enhancements: Admin-Scoped Node Token Using JWT

You can enable users of an API client who are Files administrators to retrieve admin-scoped node access tokens from the Files API. Such a token provides the user with admin privileges on the node itself.

3.  Workspace Manager Enhancements

Workspace Managers now have the ability to re-invite pending users; pending users have been invited to join a Files workspace but have never logged in to activate their account.