March 8, 2016

Release Details

New Authenticated Dropboxes

Dropboxes for external submission (upload) of files, directories and metadata now have a new authenticated link option in addition to the public link option.  Users who have invite permissions on the dropbox can add any eligible users to the Dropbox with configurable expiration dates for each invitee, and email the link directly to the invitee. When invitees click the link they authenticate to Files and are then taken to a Dropbox page to conveniently upload metadata and files. Link expiration can be changed at anytime to extend or revoke access. See a video here.

New Option to Grant Access to Administratively Shared Folders in Workspaces to only Individual Users and Groups
Individual directories on any node (built in, on premise, or 3rd party cloud) can be added to Workspaces as shared folders in that Workspace. This capability is now extended to allow setting view and download, and upload and overwrite permissions to a shared folder to only specific users and groups, or to the entire Workspace.

New Options to Automatically Delete Packages 
Workspaces can now be configured with automatic deletion of package contents after all recipients have downloaded, and for packages older than a configurable number of days.  Content sent to dropboxes can be automatically excluded from these policies. See a video here.


Detailed New Features and Bug Fixes in this Update

    • Corrected one additional case where successfully transferred packages could be displayed as failed (FBE-57)
    • Contacts no longer display in Groups multiple times (FBE-95)
    • Various problems resolved for cases where an unreachable node is added to the Organization (FBE-98)
    • Adding a user to a dropbox now does not automatically add them to its workspace (FBE-81)
    • Minor fixes to the public invite dialogue (FFE-194)
    • Paused transfers in packages are no longer marked as failed status (FBE-6)
    • Fixed API bug in dropbox memberships where the same user could be added more than once (FBE-68)
    • Various bugs in the pie chart displaying storage usage summary by workspace and in displaying storage use for shared folders contained inside other shared folders are fixed (FFE-165) (FFE-67)
    • Download counters for right click download of items in packages now update correctly (FFE-104)
    • Reassigning a node to a workspace updates the workspace details (FFE-68)