March 1, 2017

March 1, 2017

Release Details

1.  JWT Authentication

Files supports the JSON Web Token-based OAuth 2.0 grant type to enable client applications to use the Files API without a user having to log in from a web browser.

You can configure which users can access the API using your client, and which key (either a user-specific key or a global key) each user can submit to retrieve an access token. Admins and users themselves can now add a user-specific public key to the user record in Files.


2.  Managing Workspace Storage

Files now allows administrators to manage storage at the workspace level. This adds to existing org-level storage management capabilities.

Admins can now monitor and manage workspace transfer usage, home folder usage, and packages.

You can browse, rename, and share entire home folders or items in them; you can delete items in a user’s home folder; and you can delete the entire home folder of a deleted user.

You can browse all packages in this workspace and their contents; you can also delete packages.