January 21, 2017

January 21, 2017

Release Details

1. Sending to and sharing with external users

Administrators can control who can receive shared folders and sent packages

Workspace > specific workspace > Collaboration Settings

  • If you give Members or Managers the permission to share folders with external users or send packages to external users, you can control whom they can share with or send to.
  • You can allow them to share with or send to any email address, or you can identify specific external users who can receive shared folders from this workspace.
  • The users you designate as eligible to receive shared folders or packages may be Files users and groups who are not members of the workspace, or may be individuals without a Files account.

2. "Auth-less" packages sent to external users.

Workspace > specific workspace > Collaboration Settings

  • By default, external users who receive packages from Files users must create a Files account and sign in to access the packages sent.
  • If you deselect the checkbox labeled External users are required to authenticate when receiving packages, external recipients can receive and access packages without creating a Files account and signing in.
  • This option allows workspace members to send packages to external users without those users becoming Files members and being added to the Files user database.

3. You can now make organization administrators workspace managers.

Workspaces > specific workspace > Members

  • The admin must be a member of the workspace to make them a manager.

4. JWT tokens

You can now use JWT tokens to enable client apps to use the Files API without a user having to log in from a web browser.

  • Through the API, you can register a client with a pub/pri key pair. Register the key and use a new grant type to retrieve a token for a specific user without going through OAuth in the browser.
  • Current support for clients that have keys, users that have keys. No whitelist capability yet.
  • There is no GUI in the Files app for this feature at this point. We'll build the GUI when the whitelist function is available.