February 14, 2017

February 14, 2017

Release Details

1. Files Express Mode

Files Express is now available. It is a simpler user mode in the Aspera Files application that allows users to send and request Files more easily.

It is automatically available and does not require any action by the admininstrator. Users can simply switch between full Files and Files Express modes using a switch at the upper left of the app, near the workspace name. To learn more, check out the new Files Express video

Files Express Getting Started Video Tutorial (2:21): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jklyp8nR2Bk&t=2s 

2. Short, Personalized URLs


Admins can enable short, personalized URLs that users can send in a public invite (full Files mode) or with the Request Files feature (Express mode).There are now three URLs link types available:   

      • Standard
      • Short
      • Short and personalized.

3. 'Auth-less' Packages

Related to the last push which enabled admins to allow so-called 'auth-less' packages to outside users. Rather than being a feature, this is more of a change to a default behavior regarding whether external users are required to create a Files account and log in to receive a package sent by a Files user. 

      • Before, the default required outside users to log in to receive a package.
      • Now, the default is that outside users can receive a package without creating an account and logging in (a.k.a. 'auth-less' packages). Admin must act to require authorization.