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Aspera Files™ is offered as a subscription service with the options to provision under an All-Inclusive pricing model with built-in storage and transfer capability and/or a Hybrid pricing model that supports both storage deployed in your data center and at other leading cloud infrastructure providers, with flexible pricing options based on volume of data transferred, amount of data stored, and number of workspaces needed.


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Which pricing model fits your needs?

All Inclusive

This pricing model is the best option for organizations that want to use the built-in Aspera Transfer Platform and cloud storage with the Aspera Files application.

Pricing under this model is based on the amount of data transferred, with both a pay-as-you-go plan and an annual pre-committed volume plan.  Prices are based on the selected Files Edition, with different levels of Workspaces and included Storage.


This pricing model is for organizations that wish to connect Aspera transfer servers and storage running either on-premises or in the cloud to Aspera Files.

Pricing starts with the all inclusive plan and adds a connection fee for the number of connected on premises nodes with both monthly and annual terms. For more information, contact

Which Edition is right for you?


Designed for small businesses or departments within larger enterprises. Offers a single brandable workspace for a community of users to collaborate.


Supports up to 10 workspaces for multiple branded portals for sharing and collaboration across multiple projects and project members.


Designed for large enterprises, supports up to 100 different brandable workspaces for sharing and collaboration. 


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All plans include support for unlimited file and data set sizes, no bandwidth limits, file and folder sharing, package sending and receiving, and encryption over the wire and at rest.